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Sutter Park Neighborhood Updates!

Sutter Park Neighborhood Updates!

Posted by on Feb 1, 2018 in East Sac, Sutter Park | 5 comments

Sutter Park Neighborhood Development East Sac

After a long wait we finally have some updates to share on the Sutter Park Neighborhood progress!

The developer has been working on the utilities and the other infrastructure and over the next couple months you will see the neighborhood start to take shape with all of the new roads getting completed.

The developer plans on marketing to prospective builders in March. There will be multiple builders within the development but it looks like each builder will be taking on building 30-40 homes. This means that we won’t be seeing individual lots sold to owners or small scale builders building out just a few lots. Instead it will be highly experienced builders who can commit to the purchase and development of 30 plus homes.

The land developer plans on having lots completed and ready for the builders to start work in September. We should see the first houses starting construction this Fall and I think the first homes will be completed and ready to move into early next year.

I’ll should be able to post information and updates more regularly in the coming months…

Sutter Park Neighborhood Map East Sac



  1. Are the original plans to match the historical styles houses in the surrounding areas still in play? And, will there be both single and two-story homes available?
    Great to see and hear about the progress.

    • The original Planned Unit Development (PUD) Guidelines document called for some single story homes but I’m guessing they will rather rare compared to the two story homes that will be built.

      The PUD guidelines details out the architectural guidelines for 12 different styles including the California Ranch, Farmhouse Revival, French Cottage, Monterey, Tudor Revival, Park Bungalow, English Cottage, Park International, Sacramento Prairie, Spanish Eclectic, Tivoli Foursquare Revival and Italian Renaissance.

      They are working hard to make Sutter Park Neighborhood fit into the existing neighborhood and our wonderful eclectic mix of architectural styles. There is only so much you can do to make 125+ new homes look like the old neighborhood surrounding it, but it looks like they are doing their best to set it up for success.

      • thank you for your response. i would like to iterate, that i attended a city meeting last year about the park area and it was also mentioned that there would be little to no single story homes. this received a large negative response from the crowd as many potential buyers are looking to downsize and at a more mature age and would not be willing to move into a two-story home. hopefully, this will be considered widely in the builds.
        thank you again

        • I was there as well and completely agree, we need more single story homes and new construction is sorely lacking in this area.

          I have several clients that would love to have a single story, new construction home in East Sac, but most of the builders are going up to be able to sell those larger homes for the higher prices. Hopefully the good people behind Sutter Park Neighborhood will figure out a way to give us what the market wants while still working for their profit and loss statements.

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